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We provide quality products and practical methods to improve the movement and storage of bulk solids. We provide our customers with products, systems and services that result in improved productivity, reduced maintenance and a safer operating environment.
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Thumper Series Timed Impactors

The Thumper™ Series Timed Impactor delivers power impactive blows through the effective use of air power—producing a sledgehammer effect with minimal noise and hopper damage. Heavy workloads are handled easily even where an air supply is limited. The Thumper Series Timed Impactor is well-suited for applications where flow rates are low or where a sledgehammer has proven successful. These versatile units can be furnished with permanent mounts or with quick-release adapters to facilitate easy movement from one location to another. Impactor units deliver controlled blows at a choice of intervals. It is b est used for sticky, clinging materials that adhere to chutes, hoppers and bins.

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