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We provide quality products and practical methods to improve the movement and storage of bulk solids. We provide our customers with products, systems and services that result in improved productivity, reduced maintenance and a safer operating environment.
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EAB Metal Detector

EAB Metal Detectors are quality metal detectors available in either single or dual probe configurations. The compact design allows installation in almost any application. The single probe is recommended with burden height less than 4 inches, whereas, dual probes are recommended for burdens above 4 inches. The sensitivity can continuously be adjusted if only larger pieces of metal are to be detected. The control unit has self adjusting electronics housed in a durable, metal cabinet. High quality components, including gold plated power switches and output relays, ensure the reliability and longevity of our detectors. The unit can be integrated into an existing plant control system without any extra components. Click here to learn more.>

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