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We provide quality products and practical methods to improve the movement and storage of bulk solids. We provide our customers with products, systems and services that result in improved productivity, reduced maintenance and a safer operating environment. From basic equipment to custom engineering to routine maintenance, Bulk Systems & Services, Inc. is your "Single Source" resource for all aspects of Bulk Material Handling.

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Replacement Blades

Conveyor belt cleaner blades from Martin Engineering are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials, designed with the company’s patented Constant-Area Radial Pressure (CARP) technology to deliver consistent cleaning throughout all stages of blade life.  Unlike most competing designs, the innovative engineered cleaners maintain the same contact area, blade angle and pressure to effectively remove virtually any type of material carryback, even as the blade wears down over time.  With 10-20% more urethane on average in each blade than competing blade designs, Martin Replacement Blades are engineered to deliver longer service life and lower cost of ownership.

Martin offers replacement blades for its full line of belt cleaners, as well as retrofit designs for most other manufacturers’ mainframes.  With fewer blade changes and less frequent maintenance downtime, bulk material handlers can focus manpower on core activities.

The Choice in Urethane:

Color Shows the Difference

Pigment makes no difference in urethane performance. The difference is in the urethane formulation. Martin Engineering manufactures its high-performance urethanes in unique colors to simplify manufacturing and customer ordering.

Accept No Compromises with High-Performance Urethanes

Suppliers with only a “one-size-fits-all” urethane have made a compromise. They have aimed for the middle of the road and cannot offer a solution that is best for specific conditions. Only Martin Engineering offers you the ability to specify a urethane that suits your challenging application.

 High-Performance Urethanes Withstand Aggressive Conditions

The green and brown urethanes from Martin Engineering offer superior performance in tough conditions with exposure to high temperatures or chemicals, respectively. For an economical solution for light-duty applications, specify Tan Urethane.


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