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P-Series Piston Vibrators

Cougar P-Series Piston Vibrators provide force to
activate the free flow of sticky, coarse, high-moisture
materials in bins and hoppers. The vibrators require
no maintenance when used with filtered and lubricated

Vibrators sized based on weight and characteristics
of material in the sloped portion of bins and hoppers.
Table I below shows sizes of vibrators needed for 
applications using 1 lb of force for 10 lb of material
(assuming the material  can flow and weighs less
than 100 lb per cubic foot). More force is needed
for materials of high density or moisture.

• Economical
  Low initial cost, plus labor savings by eliminating
  pounding, poking,and sledging of hoppers,ensures
  material flow with a cost savings.
• Minimal Maintenance
  Limited maintenance required for life of the vibrator
  when used with filtered and lubricated air.
• Reduce Hopper Damage
  Reduce equipment damage caused by sledging and
• Versatility
  Variable control of force and frequency to meet a
  variety of material conditions.

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