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Impacting MP3 Railcar Vibrator

The Martin Impacting Railcar Vibrator delivers a powerful force output of 3400 lbs at 80 psi while only weighing 48 lbs, making it the highest-force, lowest-weight portable railcar vibrator available. The Martin Impacting Railcar Vibrator provides the force required to activate the free flow of tough materials that are sticky, coarse, and high in moisture.

• Improves Efficiency
  Linear vibrator provides powerful force to
  boost material flow.
• Easy to Handle
  Lightweight vibrator and shoe make
  mounting/dismounting a “no-strain”
• Small But Mighty
  Compact vibrator and mount assembly
  provides plenty of power to unload the most
  stubborn materials.
• Gives Your Back a Break
  Vibrator and wedge system weighs only
  48 lb (21 kg), reducing risk of injury from
  manhandling large, unweildy vibrators into
  railcar brackets.
• Guaranteed Performance
   Impacting Vibrator is covered by Martin
   Engineering’s Absolutely, Positively, No
   Excuses Guarantee.

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