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Apron Seals

Martin® ApronSeal™ Skirting is a self-adjusting conveyor belt skirting system that prevents spillage without requiring regular service to maintain an effective seal. Martin® ApronSeal™ Skirting is a 1-piece dual sealing system that combines the benefits of the primary and secondary seal in one seal. 

• Provides effective sealing on higher speed belts.
• Offers a dual sealing system in a one-piece construction which offers ease of installation. 
• EPDM 60 rubber composite offers good chemical resistance and low-abrasion index characteristics. 
• Available in continuous lengths up to 200 feet (61 m). No splices even in long applications. 
• Applicable on 0°, 20°, 35°, and 45° Troughing Angles.

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