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Cougar B Series Electric Vibrator

These electric vibrators are electric motor-driven
eccentric-weight rotary vibrators used to promote
the flow of difficult bulk solids from bins
and hoppers and silo blockages.
The Cougar B Series electric industrial vibrator can
be provided with a maximum force output of 16,500lb.
Units can be provided operating at speeds ranging
from as low as 900rpm to as high as 3,600rpm.
Units operating with single-phase and three-phase
powerare also available.


•     50 Hz / 60 Hz with full voltage ranges
•     Speed range 3450, 1750, 1170, 850 RPM
•     Centrifugal force output up to 16500 lbs
•     High-Temperature Class Insulation
•     TENV vibrators ensure long life
•     Water tight / dust tight
•     Continuous Duty

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